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Finally, a dentist for today's working man, woman, or family. Without health and dental insurance, non-emergency, non-painful, and general oral health are often overlooked and neglected. "If it don't hurt, don't fix it" or "Who can afford it, anyway? I just don't have the money". With the economy as bad as it is, dental, prescription, and eyeglasses are the first things to go, if you had them, ever, to begin with. Affordable Dental Center requires no insurance or authorization, and the fees and payments are well within the grasp of any working person. Tooth hurts? Don't put up with it, call The Affordable Dental Center of Pomano Beach today and book an appointment, today, ...now, right now! Don't wait until extraction is your only choice, save that tooth and preserve or restore that smile today.

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Implants Root Canals Cosmetic Dentistry
Bleaching Cleaning Dentures
Extractions Crowns Bonding



Implants (6053)

only $624

Per implant for lower denture


Porclean fused to

Non-Precious Metal (2751)



Regular Price

Prophylactic Cleaning (1110)

2 Bite Wing X-Rays (0272)

Exam (0150)


Both for $228

Upper or Lower (9942)


All Denture


Full Upper or Lower




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Larry Teodoru, D.M.D.